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Slut Tina Kay

Slut Tina Kay is a British babe with amazing breasts that jump up and down just the way we like it. She loves feeling like a little girl when in the sack and Pascal will give her exactly that. He will treat her like a sex toy, making her do things she never thought possible. Spanking and face-fucking are just some of the things she will experience and she’ll love it all the way!


Slut Victoria Summers

Take a look at her knickers and see for yourself this little bitch is horny like never before. Her knickers are so hard you might as well expect them to lactate a bit. She loves being treated like a submissive slut and Pascal wouldn’t have it any another way! This little bitch will learn her place is right next to a man’s cock and that drinking fresh spunk is something she should’ve learned a long time ago!


Slut Rachel O’Brien

Rachel is a beauty that is very rare in kingdom of Britain. She has seductive look that draws you in and won’t let you go. This girl can turn guys around her little fingers so easily it’s ridiculous. But those kinds of guys will never find their way into her pants. Only resistant guy like Pascal who will show her where her place is will get to enjoy that amazing wet pussy in any way they want!